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Review Guidelines

Cannabis Hub’s community marketplace allows users to contribute reviews of their personal experiences with products, brands and retailers. Our community values these reviews because they are a reliable source of information about cannabis businesses and products. To make these reviews even more valuable for the community, we are providing some guidelines on how to post reviews that are helpful and informative.

Offensive Content

Cannabis Hub has users from all different backgrounds, so let’s play nice. Offensive content such as hate speech, inappropriate language and sexually suggestive language is not allowed on the platform.

Conflict of Interest

If you’re a current employee or former employee of a dispensary, delivery service, doctor or brand, or if you have a professional relationship with a business listed on Cannabis Hub, we ask that you refrain from leaving reviews about that business.

Personal Experience

We want to hear about your own first-hand experiences, not what you heard from friends or co-workers. Reviews describing second-hand experiences will be removed.

Personal Attacks

Don’t post personal attacks, including making personal information public and saying anything offensive about anyone affiliated with the business.


Reviews should be relevant and appropriate to the core consumer experience with a product, brand or listing. We’d love to hear about what you thought about the service and ambiance at a dispensary or the taste and effect of a particular product. We’ll remove unrelated observations about things like politics or a budtender’s tattoo or shirt color.


Cannabis Hub is not responsible or liable for damages that may occur If there is a review that is identical to another review that is already posted, the duplicate review will be removed. Don’t repost content from other users or sites.

Addressing Other Reviews

Your review will be removed if it references — positively or negatively — other reviews for that listing or product.

Verified Accounts

Users may not post reviews without a Cannabis Hub account with a verified email address. If you are asked to verify your account but didn’t receive an email, please make sure your email address is up-to-date in your user profile.

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If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our policy please contact us.

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